October 1, 2004

The Happy New Beginnings Cocktail Party

In honour of Stuart, who [as you almost certainly all know] is emigrating next Thursday, and Doctor Pockless, who [as you will know if you have been paying attention] is immigrating tomorrow, I am offering self-service cocktails today.
The new system is that the bar is open from now, and you can help yourselves. The theme is Happy New Beginnings. The day is Friday. The host is me. Egeszsegedre!


8 thoughts on “The Happy New Beginnings Cocktail Party

  1. I’m going to celebrate the beginning of a new vodka bottle, and just work my way through that, I think. I’ll try to remember to throw it away when I leave…

  2. Tomorrow is the beginning of the second year of my blog.
    Be the 3,000th visitor and I’ll gladly share my self-served Sminoff Blue with you.
    Chin Chin to Stuart and the good Dr.P. You have both been enjoyed.

  3. I’m going to celebrate the beginning of a brand new weekend with as much Jack Daniels as I can possibly consume before passing out.

  4. Today, I shall be claiming bonus Obscure Drink Points. I claim 15 ODPs for my new bottle (there’s the new beginning) of Ginja from the Espinheira company of Lisbon. And no, you can’t have the cherries.

  5. Here’s to Stuart! And here’s to Dr Pockless! And here’s to, er, something else! And to celebrate, I shall be helping myself to a bottle of Bombay Sapphire from the under-bar store cupboard – oh, and a complimentary straw.

  6. Given that I have to get up in 6 hours to catch an aeroplane, I ought to go to bed. But sod that. Mine’s a pint. Good luck Stuart! Good luck me! Good luck all!
    I’ll try not to deprive you all of my special brand of dignified intellectualism and wit for too long.

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