November 5, 2004

No-one wants to lose their election at the crucial moment

Purple America
This is a 400kb GIF that shows the results of the Presidential election at the county level, where such results are available. It’s a lot more telling than the state-by-state map that you are by now used to.


9 thoughts on “No-one wants to lose their election at the crucial moment

  1. * staggers in from Copenhagen, where I’ve been thwarted from guestblogging by something called *
    Any chance of a cocktail?

  2. Cocktail? Nonononono, we’re all too busy at Club Uborka for that kind of thing these days.
    I’m currently pawing my new computer case, in anticipation of getting home and excitedly transferring everything into it.
    Pictures here, if you are interested.

  3. Stop being letchy, Mr D and pass on that flask. Some of us are dying of thist this afternoon. 😉

  4. Ooh Adrain, you are a card.
    * drains flask before handing it back to Elsie for a re-fill*
    Sorry, men – it was a long and thirsty flight back from Denmark.

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