November 6, 2004

Why we should all boycott Bonfire Night

Over lunch today, Pete and I were pondering on the origins of Bonfire Night, and realised that, in the current political climate, it feels very wrong to be celebrating the putting down of a rebellion against a corrupt government.
But in the same spirit of hypocrisy with which I enjoy christmas, we are going to join in the torchlight procession and watch the fireworks tonight.


7 thoughts on “Why we should all boycott Bonfire Night

  1. We’ve had three claims so far this morning for “rocket damage to our flat roof”.
    This isn’t Baghdad, gentlemen!

  2. I still prefer to think of Guy Fawkes as “the last person to go into Parliament with honest intent”

  3. Agreed- in NZ, Guy Fawkes was celebrated as a hero. It wasn’t until I got to the UK that people said they were celebrating the FAILURE of the gunpowder plot. I was like: “Wha? You got it all backwards!”

    Destructor on November 10, 2004
  4. I think that celebrating Guy Fawkes night is quite fitting in this day and age and any other – celebrating the defeat of a group of terrorists who were trying to further their ends by bombing a country’s parliament seems to me to be a perfectly reasonable thing to do.

  5. So we’ll leave the group of terrorists currently in control of our country’s parliament unmollested to further their own ends…

  6. I think the real tragedy of the gunpowder plot was that they threw Guy’s wife, Knifen, on to the fire as well.

    Destructor on November 11, 2004

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