November 10, 2004

The devil and the deep blue sea

Or: Scenes from Uborka Towers
[Pete comes home from a hard day at the office, bringing with him a blast of chill air and the noise of trains, which is muffled as he closes the front door. Tiggerlike, he bounces into the kitchen to shower Karen with kisses, and to announce that he is hungry. Karen is ironing.]
Pete: What’s for tea, woman?
Karen: Tortellini and stuff. But you will have to wait until I have finished ironing, or make it yourself.
Pete: [looking nonplussed] But I have forgotten how to cook!
Karen: Well, you could finish off the ironing, and I will cook.
Pete: What a dilemma!
What’s a boy to do?


13 thoughts on “The devil and the deep blue sea

  1. Naaah, you’re better off doing it yourself. He’d only take away the wenches and iron the food.

  2. I think I’ve just detected the reason why Pete is singlehandedly responsible for keeping that Chinese takeaway round the corner in business …

  3. Of course, Karen accidentally neglected to mention that I did, in fact, cook dinner for both of it and lovely it was too.
    Of course, she gave me continual guidance all the way through. Last time I folded the laundry I got shouted at because I didn’t do it in exactly the same way that she normally does.
    Such are the woes of domestic life.

  4. I got home last night to find that my washing had been folded up by one flatmate and left on the end of my bed by the other. Creepy!

  5. Ahh domestic bliss indeed.
    Fact: I’m not ALLOWED to hang clothes to dry on our clothes horse as I “do it wrong”. Seriously.
    Anyway, the answer to the question is simple – Karen needs a better rota to make sure she is finished the ironing with plenty of time to make your dinner.

  6. Pete’s not very good at hanging up the laundry, either, but I’m training him. He’s brilliant at driving the vacuum cleaner, though.

  7. I always thought the words "clothes horse" were a bit odd anyway. I mean, would you place even an each-way bet on your clothes horse in the 3.30 at Uttoxeter?

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