December 14, 2004

Deck the halls with piles of tat

We have a number of ways of disposing of the tat that piles up around people’s desks, in cupboards, on top of filing cabinets, and in the tat storeroom at work.
Large items go into a Large Tat Sale. The current Large Tat Sale is mostly fibre optic Christmas trees, but I think we have been hanging on to these since they came in for testing, which would have been around Easter. All the tat is listed, and then you put your name against any pieces of tat that you like the look of. Names are then drawn out of a hat, and then the winner gets to pay a fiver for whatever piece of tat it is that they have won. The fibre optic Christmas trees are a joy to behold; maybe next year I will get one.
Smaller items go into a Small Tat Sale. For this, the staff are divided into four groups. When you’re new, you go into Group Four, and move up to Group Three for the next sale, and so on. Once you’re in Group One, you’re in prime tat-grabbing position. All the tat is put on tables in a large room, and Group One is unleashed. Each member of Group One picks up three items, and then Group Two is allowed in. You see where this is going. Members of Group Four get whatever rubbish is left over. My first Small Tat Sale will be tomorrow. I wonder if the pink vibrator we were testing* a few weeks ago will still be there by the time Group Four are let in.
Absolute Tat is given away under the guise of “advent calendar presents.” Each day of advent has a number of people’s names against it. On your day, you get to pick a wrapped “present” out of a lucky dip. Today I received a very small silver-coloured nylon purse. Presumably it passed the toy safety standard and doesn’t leach lead or cadmium into the environment, so I consider myself to be a lucky woman.
*The pink vibrator was being tested for electrical hazards, not functionality. Or small parts. Stop drooling, Sevitz.


6 thoughts on “Deck the halls with piles of tat

  1. See I don’t even have to be around to be sleazy anymore. My repuation is greater than I am.

  2. Thankfully my reputation is both T-full, is a full pace and a half behind me and so allows me to drool without comment.
    Well without comment from you lot, my co-workers still haven’t got used to it though.

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