December 13, 2004


I have never been a fussy eater, unlike my brother who used to be forced to eat one pea for every year of his age, which is not so good since he hit 30. I eat fish warily, and don’t care for offal, but none of this is abnormal.
In my twenties, I acquired a taste for olives, largely thanks to house-sharing with an Italian who cooked everything with loads of olive oil. It makes me very happy to have acquired this taste, because olives are lovely, and I can think of lots of good ways to spend a Saturday afternoon, but sitting in a bar with a bottle of wine and a plate of olives is one of them.
In the last few months, thanks to Pete and his predilection for sag paneer, I have started eating spinach. At first it was just the highly spiced stuff, and only in combination with that deliciously bland fried cheese; but slowly, bravely, I tried some baby spinach leaves in my rocket salad. I think I may have eaten them before, without realising what it was.
I’ve discovered a whole green world of new flavour and texture that I’ve never experienced before! Menus suddenly have a new section on them: it turns up in cannelloni with ricotta cheese, on muffins underneath poached eggs, mixed up with all manner of interesting things in Indian restaurants. I feel like a new kind of food has been invented just for me.
So, olives in my twenties, spinach in my thirties, and I fully expect to be joyfully consuming tripe by the middle of the next decade.


9 thoughts on “Spinach

  1. There are so many foods I thought I didn’t like and it turned out I did later on that I try most things several times before deciding I don’t like them. I also retry things I don’t like every few years in case I suddenly do.

  2. Spinach rules. I still don’t like olives though, no matter how many times I try green or black ones.

  3. Spinach was my ‘discovery’ of my 20s.
    I’m thinking olives might be one for my 60s as I can’t stomach them at all.. ick ick ick.

  4. Does this mean you’re going to make my spinach-corn-chowda?

    Destructor on December 14, 2004
  5. I put the recipe here on Uborka a few weeks back when you were fishing for vegetarian ideas. But yes there may be some culinary entires on my blog. I do aspire to be Adrian, after all.

    Destructor on December 15, 2004
  6. Here it is (courtesy of Destructor):
    Corn & Spinach Chowder
    Take a whole bunch of fresh spinach, fry it in a little olive oil (it shrinks dramatically so you’ll need a LOT. Now throw in a can of corn, a few handfuls of grated cheese, and (this is the kicker) a pot or two of corn-flavoured baby food (this gives it a better texture). You now end up with a strange looking soup, but it’s absolutely delicious, especially if you season it with pepper and tabasco sauce.

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