December 5, 2004

Lifestyle Assumptions

The gas man who has been phoning me for weeks, trying to agree a time to come and do a landlord’s safety check on our boiler, finally managed to speak to me yesterday. We arranged for him to come tomorrow after work. He then asked me to reserve him a parking space outside, by parking my car outside and then moving it when he got there.
I thought that was a bit cheeky, and was happy to inform him that I don’t have a car*. Apparently I live in the most densely car-populated town in Britain; and when I say dense, I mean parents in people carriers.
*I do have ownership-in-common of a car, but Pete drives it to work and I take the train.


3 thoughts on “Lifestyle Assumptions

  1. So – I’m one of the “One in ten” am I?
    * stalks off in a stage huff *

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