December 5, 2004

The 34sp Festive Gift

As you may or may not be aware, 34sp (the hosting company used by Uborka and countless other weblogs in the UK) have given a Christmas gift to their customers this year, by upgrading all 30MB account holders to 50MB for free (and likewise, holders of accounts with higher capacities have also seen similar expansions).
What’s the catch? There is no catch, least not as far I can see. I’ve written them an email.

With regards to your festive gift to your customers this year, I’d just like to say thank you. In my entire life I don’t think that I’ve ever done business with a company who are as friendly, helpful, generous and knowledgeable in their field as 34sp. All this, and additionally the best value and most reliable service that I have ever encountered.
I hope that everyone at 34sp has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, or an equivalent wintry festival in accordance with their chosen religion.


9 thoughts on “The 34sp Festive Gift

  1. I’m such an ungrateful sod, and so unused to receiving anything for free, that I hadn’t thought of doing that. I’m going to remedy that oversight straightaway. Mind you, considering that *everytime* someone asks me about hosting I unreservedly recommend 34SP, they’re probably getting some business out of me . . .

  2. Good for you Pete.
    I will make the generous offer of continuing to pay for my web hosting to them. Sorry, it’s a ‘nice’ gesture but webspace is the cheapest of the cheap, if they’d really wanted to make me happy they would allow more than one domain to be pointed at my webspace.

  3. I wrote the same about them earlier this week. They’re lovely people.
    And yes, I sent them a “thank you” email too. Most unnatural, getting a nice gesture. And yes, Gordon, it’s cost them chuff-all, or close to it – but the goodwill it’s brought them from various people has to be (to coin an ad phrase) priceless.
    And _that_ is what marketing and so on should be about – something that costs chuff-all and yet improves a company’s standing with its own customers, and increases their loyalty to that service. As Vaughan says, most 34sp users pipe up “use 34sp” as soon as anyone asks which hosts they should go with. How many other hosts get their customers to do the majority of their advertising?

  4. Exactly. If it is such a small and meaningless gesture, how come 34sp (AFAIK) are the only hosting provider to do it this year?
    They found a way to make us happy. Yay them.

  5. Oh, and Gordon, as far as I know, they do allow more than one domain to be pointed at your webspace. I *think* that they make a charge for it but I’m sure I organised for one of the sites I get them to host has both a .com and a that point to the same place.

  6. Wasn’t meaning to be nasty but I guess we all just lower our sights and when we get something like this it seems great when, in reality, it’s not a huge deal.
    Mind you, I had the same pointed out to me when Blueyonder upped their broadband limit – I was happy but others would’ve preferred a lowered cost.
    Horses for courses and all that.

  7. What, no kudos at all to Hotmail and Yahoo for increasing their free mailbox sizes?!

    Karen on December 6, 2004

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