December 8, 2004

‘Tis the season to go to parties

…And normally I find that, due to careful pigeon-holing of one’s social life, one sparkly frock will do for all of them. This year is no exception.*
*[Except for one exception, which is that I won’t be wearing this year’s sparkly frock to my own work party, because I think it is a little bit too exciting for my current colleagues. Which is probably why I’m finding work a bit dull at the moment.]
Don’t forget to wear your best party frock on Saturday to the Webloggers Party. Unless you’re a bloke, in which case there’s simply no point in trying, because Mike will have a much nicer shirt on than you anyway.


6 thoughts on “‘Tis the season to go to parties

  1. Thanks for the reminder re the party. I think I can make it. It’ll be the usual shirt.

  2. Of course!
    I almost forgot (yes I got the email but…)
    Scottish Blogs FIRST EVER blogmeet is a-happening on Saturday too!
    Ohh some sort of geekblog thing just HAS to be arranged!!

  3. I have a new stripy shirt. Gosh, it’s stripy. I don’t think I’ve ever had a shirt with so many striples. Or stripes, even. Something tells me that I ought to wear it on Saturday, just to try and compete with Mike (even though I know it will be in vain). But something else tells me that I won’t have the nerve – you see, I have this habit of buying stripy shirts with a thought of having a bit of a change from wearing flat colours. Do I ever wear these stripy shirts? No, I don’t.
    I know that you weren’t interested in any of that, but I found the therapy useful. And I’m bored witless at the moment.

  4. Apparently, in the course of moving house, all my white shirts have disappeared.
    Consequently, I will not be wearing a white shirt.

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