December 9, 2004


I’m going on a wacky magnificent fabulous wonderful excursion this weekend.
Okay, it’s not that exciting. But it does mean that this is my last chance to update the wacky magnificent fabulous wonderful Uborka Advent Calendar until Sunday afternoon.
Hence, and subsequently, I have updated it in advance. Which means that you could cheat and “open the windows” for the next few days, when the days in question have not yet arrived.
But you’re not going to do that. Are you?
And to anyone that I may bump into over the next few days, I would like to request that you be nice to me. I’m very fragile at the moment. And don’t worry, it’s not your fault. You’re lovely, you are.
You’re my friend.


6 thoughts on “Excursion

  1. I have some bubblewrap left over from moving house. We could wrap you in it, if that might help.

  2. Oh, I’m sure that at some point over this weekend I’ll be telling anyone who cares to listen that they’re my friend. “You’re my friend, you are. You’re my beshtesht beshtesht friend. You’re great, you are. Do you know that? You’re bloody effing great, you are.” Or something along those lines, anyway.

  3. So I just need to time my arrival correctly in order to minimize the amount of time spent looking lost and like Billy No-mates.
    Although it’s a bit of a trek just to turn up for the last half-hour… 😉

  4. Useful hint: we will be downstairs. Look for the people with the digital cameras etc. Judging by the amount of people going, we will be the only people downstairs.

  5. We will be the only people downstairs – it’s been booked out for us only, no “normals” allowed.

  6. Thank heavens for that. I do so loathe those normals. I get nosebleeds every time I talk to one of them. 🙂

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