January 4, 2005

All about books this year – Part 4

The award for The guys who defined the genre and I have only just bothered to read them will be split between William Gibson and Arthur C Clarke.
William Gibson defined “cyberpunk”, and I think the Wachowski brothers (The Matrix) probably have a lot to thank him for.
Arthur C Clarke is one of the major influences on making science fiction into the genre that we read today, coupled with the fact that he pretty much came up with the idea of using satellites for radio communications. You can see why I have a lot of respect for the fella.
Wikipedia: William Gibson · Arthur C Clarke


3 thoughts on “All about books this year – Part 4

  1. I hate William Gibson for coining the word cyberpunk, as I never really rated him much as an author.

  2. A fair comment, but this award was intended to acknowledge historical significance rather than actual enjoyment factor.
    I have read two William Gibson books this year, and I don’t think that I will read any more (unless there is nothing else in the library that appeals to me). There are other authors around who are writing (in my opinion) superior novels. However, William Gibson doubtless influenced them, and so his importance in the grand high scheme of things is what this award is for.

    Pete on January 4, 2005

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