January 12, 2005

Book of the Year: 2005

I have no hesitation in recommending The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins, as the best book I have read this year. Obviously it is also the only book I have read this year; nonetheless, it deserves full marks for just being a damn good read.

It’s got all the gothic mystery of Frankenstein, without actually causing nightmares; and all the period drama of Pride & Prejudice, without actually being a tedious Austen novel. It is beautifully written in the multiple-narrator style, like Wuthering Heights but less confusing. There are moments of humour, strong likeable (and dislikeable) characters, a twist that you won’t quite predict, and a resoundingly satisfying end.

It’s also only £1.50, and should be the one classic you get round to reading this year.



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