March 8, 2005

First Tango in Berkshire

The current Uborka regime includes gym membership, which means that we trail reluctantly to the municipal gym twice a week and spend grudging half hour watching crappy MTV. We eat first, give it half an hour or so to digest, and by the time we get back and have a shower, it’s pretty much bedtime. We both resent the extent to which the gym encroaches on our free time.
So exercise = twice-weekly torture, with additional guilt that we should probably do it three times. This can’t go on, so Team Uborka has come up with some better ideas.
I want to learn to dance. In Venice we saw couples waltzing in a moonlit piazza to the sound of a gypsy violin. I want to do that. And while I may not be the world’s most musically-inclined individual, the deal seems to be that Pete leads, and I just hold on to his shoulders and copy him. Soon we will be gliding across the floor like Daphne and Niles, just you wait and see. As a bonus, learning ballroom dancing adds to our eccentricity quotient, and around here that’s seen as a good thing.
Pete thinks we should play squash. He claims to have played a little at university, and has a sketchy grasp of the rules. Until yesterday, I had never played it in my life. Squash is surprisingly good exercise for someone who famously has no hand-eye co-ordination whatsoever.
Soon we will be able to give up the gym forever!


12 thoughts on “First Tango in Berkshire

  1. Try it every morning at 6am, it give you back you’re evenings.
    That said, squash is great. Anytime you want a game, let me know.

  2. 6am!?! Ouch. I think the finding things you actually enjoy doing which are exercise is definitely the best bet.
    Either that, or buying a Concept 2 rowing machine to take up half your kitchen and then becoming obsessive about the distance you’ve rowed or your personal best times… 🙂

  3. The thought of getting up early to go to the gym at 6am makes me laugh in an “i don’t really find this very funny” kind of way.
    And rowing makes my arms hurt.

    Karen on March 8, 2005
  4. It is a lot easier to do when the gym is roughly one lift ride from your front door, I’ll grant you that.

  5. I find rowing helps my muscles, especially the action required to dodge the flying saucepans.
    Oh. Rowing. As in boats.

  6. Graybo’s a guy who has really figured out how to exploit the way that the front page only prints the first X characters of each comment to maximum comic effect.

    Pete on March 8, 2005
  7. Everywhere I go I find Adrian exhorting people to get up at ungodly hours.
    Rollerblading, Karen & Pete! Rollerblading. Join Team Discovery Channel for a magical mystery tour around London.

  8. Sadly my rollerblades are in Budapest. Unless you want to go and get them for me…

    Karen on March 9, 2005

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