March 4, 2005

Plan Of Action: Building A Website

note to self

Well-organised? I am the modern model of it.


6 thoughts on “Plan Of Action: Building A Website

  1. Not only am I in awe of your site-building skills, but I’m also wishing you’d been in the long, dull and interminable meeting that I was in this afternoon. With such a plan, I think we could have been there about an hour less.

  2. Wow! I see where I’m going wrong now. My lists say essentially the same thing, but using more words. If I spent less time on the lists, perhaps I’d get something done to my site. Or, then again, perhaps not.

  3. How can you find room to be creative with such a strait-jacket of restrictive, exhaustive planning?
    Cry fie! I do, and place a note of caution for all those wishing to follow Pete’s route to completion with no concern for the free and easy, wishy and also washy routes to happiness.

  4. Fie! (Are we pronouncing this fee or f-eye?)

    Karen on March 7, 2005

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