April 24, 2005

The Complete Life History Of A Chilli: Part 6

The first of the wee chappies has flown the roost, into the loving bosom of Pix. Pictured here is the little fella on his journey via Oxford Circus station (because the Circle line was closed this weekend).
Note also the fabulous Lomo-esque effect granted to the photo by the leather wrapper in which my phone lives. I think it’s teh orsome.
Never forget your roots, little guy.

the first to flee the nest

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6 thoughts on “The Complete Life History Of A Chilli: Part 6

  1. Chillis. Bringing people together. There’s poetry and symbolism there, I feel.

  2. So, where should I keep my chilli for optimum care and growth?
    Currently it’s on the worktop next to the cooker, where it can get light that shines in through the kitchen door (we have no window in the kitchen, just a door).
    At that angle, it’s too wee yet to get much direct sunlight. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?
    Help me obi-wan-graybo, you’re my chilli’s only hope…

  3. A north or east facing window sill is best – it needs light, but not BURNTODEATHDAMNTOOHOT midday sun. Sounds like the kitchen will be too dark.

  4. Believe it or not, there are actuall no window sills that are big enough to rest plants on in my house at all.
    The kitchen is only wee, and light does shine quite a lot through the door (it’s divided glass), so it’s just like a really big window. I’ve made sure to put the chilli plant out of reach of the burny sun, but next to the cooker is the place where it’ll get most light.

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