May 11, 2005

New York Diary

Tuesday 3
Flew out. During the flight I watched Sideways, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, an episode of Father Ted and a few episodes of Spaced. Arrived while it was still light, which helped to keep me awake and stave off jetlag. Krissa met me at Grand Central Station and guided me through the initiation rituals and back to her home, and Stuart. Ordered in Brazilian food, which I recall enjoying. Went to bed around midnight.

Wednesday 4
Woke at 8:00ish – well done me. Took the subway into Manhattan with Krissa and then met Jodi at Central Park West and 72nd Street at 10am. Walked round Central Park and the Upper West Side, ate cookies, took photos, giggled at crazy women until 2:30pm. Met Kate at Astor Place at 3pm. Had a coffee, then wandered round the East Village for a while. Had a sorbet at Caffe Dante, then met Krissa and Stuart at The Art Cafe at about 5pm. Rescued Karen and her heavy suitcase, had grilled cheese sandwiches, went home.
Thursday 5
Got the subway to Union Square on 14th Street. Bought some CDs. Lunch was a large pizza in or near Little Italy. Went to the Apple Store in SoHo, and bought some clothes for Karen from Banana Republic as she had run out. Walked down Broadway and across the Brooklyn Bridge. Got the subway back to the flat. Keilbasa at the Bohemian in the evening with Krissa, Stuart, Kate and Conrad.
Friday 6
Toyed with the idea of going up the Empire State Building but couldn’t be bothered with the queue, so we went up to Krissa’s office instead. Sandwiches in Central Park for lunch. Museum of Natural History – impressive cosmology and geology exhibits, and saw the Vikings IMAX movie, though Karen wasn’t particularly impressed. There was a mouse running around in the auditorium though, which was exciting. Met Krissa and Stuart at the Lincoln fountain. Vietnamese at the Saigon Grill for dinner.
Saturday 7
Started in Chinatown, then walked down to Battery Park and took the Staten Island Ferry round trip. Visited the site of the former World Trade Centre. Went shopping for shirts for me, as I had run out. Started at Macy’s, but it was too much like Bhs so we left promptly. We then thought that walking south down Broadway would be a good idea. Not such a pleasant experience. Saw the Flatiron Building, and eventually managed to get some suitable shirts at Le Chateau, having by now walked 30 blocks downtown. Dinner at Cafeteria in Chelsea, followed by Kate’s birthday drinks at The Park (also in Chelsea). Got a cab back to the subway (my first and only cab ride in NY).
Sunday 8
Grand Central Station wouldn’t look after our luggage for the afternoon, so we dragged it to Bryant Park. We took turns to walk round the square while the other read and looked after the cases. Had lunch at the cafe on the edge of the park. At 5pm we took our cases back to the station. Due to poor directions from the information desk, we missed an airport express coach by seconds, and had to wait half an hour for the next. The flight home was reasonably bearable, though there was a short delay setting off, and problems with the in-flight entertainment system. I watched Hide and Seek (yawn) and another episode of Spaced. We stayed awake through the night, and were incredibly tired when we finally got home at noon on Monday.
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12 thoughts on “New York Diary

  1. Adrian: All of the above. Or have I misunderstood the question?
    Graybop: Happy birthday, fella. Yes, she ran out of clothes. It was always part of the plan, actually. Travel light on the way out, take advantage of the good exchange rate, etc.

    Pete on May 12, 2005
  2. Pete, I was being funny (or clearly not). You gave a great account of what you did. Perfect, and not too long and dull with a blow by blow. Thought it was excellant.
    So kind of like when someone is ranting on about something and you say “so tell what you really think about it”, I was saying “so tell me what you did.” when clearly you had.
    My career as a comedian is yet to take off…

  3. Ah. Methinks this is one of those jokes that doesn’t come across as well online, when you can’t hear the tone of someone’s voice. Don’t feel too bad.

    Pete on May 12, 2005
  4. Although you do have a point, it probably wasn’t all that funny.

  5. The Vietnamese place was Saigon Grill one of the best oriental places in the city, apparently. Not like I’ve tried them all.
    It’s a shame you didn’t go into the library when you were in Bryant Park -you don’t need to be a member…

  6. Saigon Grill! Please permit me to swoon. I have never actually eaten in the restaurant, but have their food delivered to my fancy apartment almost every week. YAY!

  7. Then you don’t need me to tell you how good it was. And the sake, too, was… influential.

    Pete on May 12, 2005
  8. i’m crap and have read nary a blog since the weekend. the answer is:
    caffe dante.

  9. Ah, super. Have updated entry. Many thanks.
    And anyway, reading blogs is so 2002.

    Pete on May 13, 2005
  10. Adrian. Not funny.
    Pete. Top write up. I struggled with my San Fran diary a few years back, can be tricky. Sounds like a good time was had by all.

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