May 11, 2005

Water Balloon Analogy

One of those rare occasions when I say something sensible. This is from an email that I wrote to my guitarist today:

I don’t write enough songs these days. I think it’s because songs are like water balloons. You need two hands to fill a water balloon, so you can’t fill more than one at once. You then have to tie the neck before you can start filling the next one. In my case, the tying of the neck is the bit where we get together and play the song, because at that point it enters the collective consciousness, and it’s like having an externally stored backup. Emailing lyrics or chords or mp3s doesn’t constitute a sufficient backup, as there’s no engagement there.

He agreed that this made sense, then popped off for a wee.


4 thoughts on “Water Balloon Analogy

  1. Songs are like water balloons? Are you sure you don’t write adverts for Honda?

  2. I like the way the first sentence of this post is just floating there with no explanation.
    The rest of it is nonsense of course.
    But then I’ve never filled a song with water before so what the hell do I know?

  3. Deep? You mean, like water might be deep?
    Ah… ahhh…

    Pete on May 12, 2005

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