May 24, 2005

Tried, I Really Have Tried

But I just can’t get into The Futureheads.
Aside: I was hideously confused when my computer suddenly started making a horrendous racket, as if some music was playing at the same time as that which I had scheduled. I stopped xmms, to discover that the Futureheads were still playing. I hunted around for a stray media player, but couldn’t find anything. Eventually I twigged – the music was coming from their website. A message to all bands: your website should not randomly start playing music unless the user asks for it. You complete. Fucking. Idiots.
They are playing at Reading this year, and they are on the NME stage on the Sunday, which basically means that Karen and I are forced to watch them. In the light of their computer-hijackery, I’m toying with the idea of smacking myself over the head with a bag of bricks, as it’s suddenly looking very appealing.
Anyway, my point is, are they really as bad as I think they are? At the moment I can’t stand them, but has anybody seen them live? Are they a tiny bit bearable live? Because if so, I’ll rethink the whole brick thing.


9 thoughts on “Tried, I Really Have Tried

  1. I dunno I quite like the hounds of love. Aside from that, I’ve not heard any of their other stuff.
    They can’t be headbrick bad can they? Really? That bad?

  2. I quite like a few tracks but the album is a bit hit or miss, but I wouldn’t rate them as headbrick bad. More “time for a pint” bad.

  3. Yeah, Hounds Of Love is bearable, but then they didn’t write it, did they?
    I think you might be right, Gordon. I should not be so hasty with my headbrick. Natural Selection will take care of the Futureheads.

    Pete on May 24, 2005
  4. I think they’re awful. They remind me too much of The Proclaimers.

    Karen on May 24, 2005
  5. I used to think they were bafflingly overrated. Now I love ’em. But it did take a while.

  6. Damn you, Mike – does that mean I have to keep listening to them?

    Karen on May 25, 2005
  7. I like ’em, but then again Xtc’s Drums & Wires and Black Sea are two of my favourite albums anyway.

  8. When it comes to unwanted noise from websites, I have two words…
    Crazy Frog.
    Actually, make that three, and stick a mucky cuss word in the middle. Your choice.

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