June 1, 2005

Saved Game

So, we had an eventful weekend. On Saturday we bought some supplies at the xxxxxxxxx and spent the afternoon in the xxxxxxxxx replanting the xxxxxxxxx. Oh, and that was after a late game of xxxxxxxxx on Friday night.
Sunday was particularly good; we went to see Revenge of the Sith, which we were both moderately satisfied with, especially the bit at the end, where xxxxxxxxx kills xxxxxxxxx and turns out to be xxxxxxxxx after all. When we got home from that, we did a xxxxxxxxx, and were pleasantly surprised to find that we’re xxxxxxxxx. Well, maybe not all that surprised; it’s always been on the cards.
On Monday, xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxx came over and we had lunch in the pub in xxxxxxxxx – jolly nice burgers. The weather has been nice and it was good to have three days off work. Roll on August bank holiday.


6 thoughts on “Saved Game

  1. Aside from the spoilers, what’s with all the censorship? Very mysterious.

  2. This is a new style, adopted in response to Pete’s post below.

    Karen on June 1, 2005
  3. But … I’m not so good at filling in the blanks. Espeically with girls.

  4. “But … I’m not so good at filling in the blanks. Espeically with girls.”
    We know, sweetie. We know.
    But the best part is that it doesn’t put you off trying.

  5. Nah, Mr D. I think if you look closely you’ll see that the number of X’s clearly corresponds with the number of letters in the (rather appropriate) word ‘cucumbers’. I’ve just tried reading it back, inserting cucumbers throughout (as it were, missus) and it now makes perfect sense to me. But then I have had a very bad day, and I’m very tired.

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