July 29, 2005

Chinese cocktails

… will be served either around 3.30 or around 4.30, depending on how my lovely sunny day off pans out.


11 thoughts on “Chinese cocktails

  1. Having just finished my research into Death’s Rich Tapestry I’m very much in need of a drink. Not sure how to put a Chinese spin on “Mine’s a Pint” but if you can think of a way, that’s what I’ll have in order to drink a toast to the 85 people remembered over the last month.
    If I can’t have a pint I’ll have a Mo-Hi-To.

  2. Yay! Cocktails on a day when I’m working and so at a computer and so don’t miss them and so… and so…
    I think the nearest cocktail to a Chinese theme I can think of is a Singapore Sling. Is that close enough? Otherwise, I’ll have to join the Doctor in having a pint.

  3. In keeping with the theme, I’ll have a Scorpion please.
    And YAY for cocktails… hmmm working at home today as well.. is 11.45am too early for one (seriously).

  4. A Jasmine for me please.
    Not sure if my stomach will be up for it after last night but I’ll give it a go.

  5. ooh for once i haven’t missed cocktails! i’ll have a shandy please. i know it’s considered abuse of beer, but it was what i was allowed to have a sip of as a kid in chinese weddings of distant relatives i didn’t know.
    yam seng!

  6. Can I have a Wun Hi-Ball Wodka?
    Alternatively, a Mai-Tai, please.
    Grand. Ta.

  7. Oh, and I know Singapore isn’t in China, I just aimed at that third of the world and that’s what I came up with.

  8. In honor of your country’s former pied-a-terre in that part of the world, I’ll raise a glass of the old Queen Liz. Here’s to you, HK.

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