July 29, 2005


This day has been a most productive one, and were Flickr currently functioning, I would be happy to show you a picture of my bra. Or indeed of any of the five such items that I bought this morning, following a fitting session at John Lewis. This is a much less glamorous or titillating experience than one might assume, so stop drooling, Sevitz; the very no-nonsense lady measures you with a tape measure and, with one disapproving glance at the shabby and ill-fitting garment you are currently wearing, she disappears to the stockroom to seek something in sensible white, that will fit itself perfectly to your curves.
Turns out I’ve been very, very wide of the mark in terms of both bust measurement and cup size; but fear not: I am now properly supported, and the happy owner of not one [sensible, white] but five [interesting colours, with lacy bits] new bras. And some knickers.
Anyway, all this talk of breasts isn’t making us any less thirsty, is it. I’d better sort out that pint for the Doctor of Death, who is probably somewhat discomfited by all this discussion of his sister’s underclothes. Sorry about that. Incidentally, obit season is now officially over – we mourn its passing. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you should definitely read his site more often.
The prize for finding China goes to Adrian, and while we’re here, please don’t forget the topically entitled Second Annual Bloggers’ Bra, tomorrow afternoon somewhere in London.
The geographically-challenged among my guests, namely Ade and Stuart are most welcome to their Singapore Slings. I appreciate that it was a difficult one to call; I didn’t experience a great deal of alcohol in China, except for on one occasion, when I did experience a great deal of plum wine, which is exceptionally nice, like sloe gin but lighter.
On a more authentically Chinese note, a round of properly oriental drinks for Gordon, Timbo and estee, all of whom seem to know what they’re talking about.
In the Creative Corner, krissa has matched royalty to former colony; and Lyle has simply made something up. Fair enough.
And there’s always one who eschews such virtual nonsense as themed cocktails, and asks for something random. But I’ll forgive Gert her request for champagne, because I know she’s a fellow devotee of the bra-fitting experience. Talking of which, flickr seems to have sorted itself out now…



12 thoughts on “Ukobra

  1. As predicted, I can talk about death continuously for a month, but I draw the line at photos of my sister’s bra.
    Hope you enjoyed the obits. I may continue it as an occasional series, but it certainly won’t be daily… Maybe a weekly round up of the best.
    Let me know if you had any favourites, by the way.

  2. ooooh, those look LOVELY. I, also, am a devotee of the Correct Fitting Bra and the myriad of colors it can feasibly come in.

  3. Thank you.
    Are there extra marks available for figuring out what the hell is going on with the hovercomments?

  4. Stuart, seeing as it’s piss easy… no.

    Pete on July 29, 2005
  5. Is anyone else wondering how torture fits into the theme?

    Karen on July 29, 2005
  6. How topical. I was sending MP3s to a rather sensitive and quiet American friend of mine, and she nearly had a heart attack when she heard the lyrics to Pulp’s ‘Underwear’.
    So I sent her ‘This Is Hardcore’ after that.
    I haven’t heard from her since.
    I’m not sure what the done thing is to say in this situation, so I’ll keep it short: nice bras.

  7. thank you kindly, ms karen.
    and i think adrian might be referring to chinese water torture.
    which has nothing to do with lingerie.
    speaking of which, those look very nice indeed.

  8. My cocktail has acquired a large amount of drool…
    remind me not to sit next to Sevitz next time you’re flashing your “smalls” around..
    (thank heavens you’re not wearing them, I shudder to think what might have ended up in my cocktail… (too far??))

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