August 18, 2005

A Year In Travel

February: Pete and I go to Venice for a romantic weekend, but manage to avoid getting engaged. Yay us!
April: Day trip to Belgium for a long, boring meeting.
May: Training in New York, followed by a few days off, featuring Stuart and Krissa, the most fabulous hosts ever.
June: Switzerland, to visit a client who is lucky enough to be sited on the shores of Lake Zurich.
July: One night in northern Germany, meeting some more clients, and then two weeks of training in Hong Kong and China.
August: Prague, for Pete’s birthday.
September: A client in France and a training course in Holland.
October: Possibly a month during which I might not see Heathrow Airport at any time. So far.
November: Conference in Brussels. Speaking in front of an awful lot of people. Trying not to think about it.
December: The idea of at least a weekend in Budapest, to see the snow and the christmas markets and the forralt bor, has been mooted.
The advert for this job said 5% travel.


5 thoughts on “A Year In Travel

  1. You get international travel, I get Birmingham, my home town, Edinburgh and Poole.
    I think you win 🙂

  2. Karen, I was thinking we should have some kind of get togethery thing.
    What would you say to Heathrow, October?

  3. In seven and a half years at a certain organisation – *cough* – my extent of work-related foreign travel has been one night in a Belfast hotel, mostly watching Ceefax (it’s a long story). I think this tells me something.

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