August 9, 2005

How To Be An Owl: Part “Too-wit” Two

We have addressed matters of motivation and sartory, and the next issue on our agenda is to master that fabulous trick that owls do with their necks where they rotate it by such a phenomenal angle that you lose track of which side of the owl is the front.
To do this, we must double the number of vertebrae in our neck from 7 to 14. So, conveniently enough, all we need to do is assimilate someone else’s neck.

The neck trick

This task being completed, we shall move swiftly on.
It’s a related fact that an owl’s eyes are more cylindrically shaped than our spherical efforts, which means that they can’t turn them side to side. However, I expect that they can probably do a cool rotatey kaleidoscope trick. Or perhaps not.


6 thoughts on “How To Be An Owl: Part “Too-wit” Two

  1. I had no clue what was going on. I still don’t.

    Karen on August 9, 2005

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