August 20, 2005

Squash Strategy

To gain the upper hand in a game of squash, let go of a really good fart in one corner of the court. Then, try to hit the ball so that it lands in that corner. Your opponent will be unable to get close enough to the ball to return it.


3 thoughts on “Squash Strategy

  1. You play Squash? I belive I could handle your farts, but your massive arms would outdo me. You could just stand in the T and wack it around while I have to run all over the place.
    That said, fancy a game?

  2. I find that a similar concept is my only chance of winning a game of pool. However, sometimes it can backfire a bit. It’s hard to focus down the cue when your eyes are watering.

  3. I do play squash, Adrian. Do you frequently take a 70 minute train journey for a game?

    Pete on August 25, 2005

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