August 14, 2005

Suspension of Disbelief

36. One Of Us, by Michael Marshall Smith features a few too many walking white goods for my liking, but unfortunately they are crucial to the plot, and Pete thinks they’re cute, so they’ll have to stay. If I had written this, I would have felt quite disillusioned at the point where my plot hinged on the intervention of fighting fridges, but this is clearly a limitation of my own imagination.
37. 100 Strokes Of The Brush Before Bedtime, by Melissa P teaches us that brushing one’s hair can purify body and soul.


3 thoughts on “Suspension of Disbelief

  1. “One Of Us” is great, not just for the bizarre walking white goods, and the alarm clock, but also for the introduction of ??????????, just when you thought the book couldn’t get any odder.
    Can’t you just spot a fan of the book? *grin*
    ed: spoilers removed

  2. Sorry to do that to you Lyle, but I refuse to allow you to give away the final plot twist. Bad Lyle. No biscuit.

    Pete on August 15, 2005
  3. OK, I’ll let you off.
    And that makes the comment far more tantalising…

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