August 12, 2005

Thursday, 26 degrees

The weather forecast clearly stated Thursday 26, Friday 23, Saturday 21, Sunday 22, so last night we decided to go for a picnic in a park about a mile from home.
It was a little breezy, but we huddled happily on the rug, munching pork pie and admiring the dramatic cloud formations. We agreed that it was a little bit too windy to throw the frisbee. We britishly sat out a couple of spots of rain.
Then we retreated a little way under one of the big lime trees, until the wind started blow gusts of raindrops into our shelter.
Then we crept round the other side of the tree and hid in the undergrowth.
Then we wrapped the picnic rug around us and scurried home.
Ah, British summertime.


6 thoughts on “Thursday, 26 degrees

  1. Jimmy promised me it would be hot hot hot this weekend. So we decided to go the coats. Fortunately, we are, instead, sitting at home doing not a lot!

  2. Were you using the celebrated BBC 5 day forecast? Them buggers work it out by rolling dice, you mark my words.

  3. Certainly was the Beeb. I’ve noticed that they sneakily adjust it halfway through each day, to reflect the actual weather.

    karen on August 13, 2005
  4. Look at the top left of the BBC Weather five-day forecast page. For “Current Nearest Observation” insert “What It Looks Like On Our Regional Webcam”.
    I mean, really, I don’t know that this is how they do it. Really.

  5. No, and nor was there a recurrence of the great stuffing-sausages-into-the-mouth incident of 2003.

    karen on August 15, 2005

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