September 12, 2005

A little survey

If none of the options below adequately describes your stance, please feel free to add a comment in the usual way.

When the analog TV signal is turned off (in 2008?), I will…

…purchase the necessary hardware to view digital TV
…do nothing – I already have digital/satellite
…throw the TV out, feel very liberated, and tell all my friends about it
…unplug the aerial and just use the TV for watching rented films etc

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9 thoughts on “A little survey

  1. And the sooner they turn it off the better I say. Liberate the bandwidth. Free the bits. Burn the bra.

  2. Hmm… Currently don’t have an analogue aerial, and at the moment I only use the TV for DVDs and console games. Might get one when it goes digital.

  3. I didn’t know they were going to turn it off.
    What are they going to use it for, the bandwidth, I mean – mobiles?

  4. More TV. More channels, more interactive stuff, better quality. You can get about 5-8 channels or 46+Mb’s of bandwidth for each analogue channel.

  5. I have satellite but only for the intellectual channels. And because the terrestrial signal is well and truly fucked round here. And cable isn’t available

  6. Having only recently got Freeview, I was completely unimpressed with it – sorry, but only BBC3, BBC3 and News 24 raised any interest – until tonight, when I played the Spooks interactive game after watching, um, Spooks. I’m so easily pleased. If digital switchover means more pointless games, bring it on!

  7. Yeah they should switch it off now. Anyone who hasn’t fulfilled their part in the mass consumer push that is digital TV (500 channels, ALL CRAP!!) is an idiot and hypocrite who probably only watches Coronation Street anyway… hey, any chance they could pull the plug on that too??
    And Adrian, I’d rather you didn’t “free your bits” thanks..

  8. Gordon, would you rather “free my bits”? I thought not. Shall we leave it there. 🙂
    Interestingly the argument for not switching of analogue is “think of the old people” (whenever I have heard it, the same argument for not switching to metric) which I always found kind of amusing as it’s normally the other way round (think of the children). Or is that just me?

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