September 12, 2005

Things that are crap

An occasional series.

  • Having to stay in the Ibis and not near the beach, so that I have internet access.
  • Having to borrow a laptop and bring it all the way to The Hague.
  • Doing a course from 8.30 until 6 and then having to work.
  • Finding out that I don’t have wifi in my room [even though it claims that I do, on the website], and having to work in the lobby.
  • Realising that it’s getting dark out and I haven’t eaten yet and I have no friends here.
  • Packing up so that I can lock the laptop in my room and go and get some food, but knowing that I still have two more reports to review before I can start my evening preparation for tomorrow.
  • Looking forward to doing it all again tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Things that are crap

  1. Oh, if it gets too bad, come and watch Sally sulk.
    The Netherlands is really a very tiny place, after all.

  2. If I didn’t have to work until 11 each night, I’d be there like a shot. It’s not so bad now I’m in a room with wifi – I’m much more comfortable.

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