April 5, 2013

A cucumber is not a toy

Something I’ve noticed lately is a lot of people equating fingerless gloves with hipsters. This annoys me because they’re actually very practical, especially for those who wish to play bass or type on a computer keyboard in chilly conditions.

Here at Uborka Towers we’ve been wearing fingerless gloves for years. Since long before it was cool.


3 thoughts on “A cucumber is not a toy

  1. Even Bernard has adopted the fingerless gloves approach. With apologies for the drunkenness of this comment. There has been quite a large martini. With 5 olives. Oh yes.

  2. Can you come over here and serve drinks? My domestic minion (she’d kill me if ever she read that) served me lime and soda, but no bloody vodka.
    (This may be because she knows I’ve got to work late tonight to finish my VAT return).

  3. The thing about Martinis is that it doesn’t take much before you can’t walk, let alone drive. So, no.

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