April 12, 2013

Drinks orders now please!

It’s Friday, and that means it’s Uborka cocktails day! Place your orders in the comments below please.

This week, it’s bring a friend week. You don’t have to bring a friend, but if you don’t, then one will be appointed to you, and you’ll have to sit next to them for the rest of term. So, y’know, there’s that incentive.

Drinks will be served a little later than the usual 3pm this week.


14 thoughts on “Drinks orders now please!

  1. I’ll take anything the barkeep recommends for manflu. I don’t want to bring a friend. I’d just make them ill.

  2. The one with a pickled toe in it. I’d like one of those please. You don’t think it might put people off talking to me do you?

  3. I fancy something with mango in it. Perhaps a mango martini. (Drinks that remind us of sunshine have got to be good, yes?)

  4. I’ll have something Bostonian. To get me in the mood for my upcoming work trip. No idea what that might be though. Sorry.

  5. I’ll volunteer as Doctor Pockless’ friend – and I’ll drink the Monkey Brain if he drinks the quadruple Mind-Eraser I was going to request.

  6. I’m just setting off for a party weekend in Manchester, so I’ll have something like a Singing In The Rain. Ta muchly.

    another mike on April 12, 2013
  7. Can you make me a hot toddy, but with cough syrup instead of tea? Is that disgusting? Don’t mind me, I’ll just sit next to Sevitz and we can compare misery.

  8. My “friend” has already placed his pickled toe order (and he’s very welcome to it). As I’m wearing a checked shirt today, I’d like a Cowboy Martini, please. Easy on the mint.

  9. Pix – you could have a Sam Adams Boston Lager…it’s reasonably good, too, which is a plus.

    I’d like to be assigned a friend, and I’ll take a Bloody Maria with celery, pickles and peppers, please.

  10. Today’s orders have me rather craving a cleanse.

    Kate on April 12, 2013

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