April 5, 2013

The Bar

Today we’re offering cocktails to anyone who is willing to add something to the manifesto of the Blogging Uborka Revolutionary Party (BURP). My pledge is that virtual cocktails will be served most Fridays. This is in line with the principal of evidence-based policy making, based on the evidence of last Friday when we barely had to whisper the word “cocktails” before we were inundated with Uborkanostalgists. Oh, and mine’s a Bloody Mary.

Please place your orders here.


14 thoughts on “The Bar

  1. A vodka, lime and soda please. Make it an extra large one – as Benevolent Dictator, I have to have extra large drinks so that there is enough for my official taster to sample and check for poisoning. Can’t be too careful, you know.

  2. I was tired of my lady,
    We’d been together too long,
    Like a worn out recording,
    Of a favourite song.
    So while she lay there sleeping,
    I read the paper in bed,
    And in the personal columns,
    There was this letter I read.

    If you like pina coladas,
    And getting caught in the rain,
    If you’re not into yoga,
    If you have half a brain,
    If you like making love at midnight,
    In the dunes on the cape,
    Then I’m the love that you’ve looked for,
    Write to me and escape.

    I didn’t think about my lady,
    I know that sounds kinda mean,
    But me and my old lady,
    Had fallen into the same old dull routine,
    So I wrote to the paper,
    Took out a personal ad,
    And though I’m nobody’s poet,
    I thought it wasn’t half bad.

    Yes I like pina coladas,
    And getting caught in the rain,
    I’m not much into health food,
    I am into champagne,
    I’ve got to meet you by tomorrow noon,
    And cut through all this red tape,
    At a bar called O’Malley’s,
    Where we’ll plan our escape.

    So I waited with high hopes,
    And she walked in the place,
    I knew her smile in an instant,
    I knew the curve of her face,
    It was my own lovely lady,
    And she said oh it’s you,
    Then we laughed for a moment,
    And I said I never knew.

    That you like pina coladas,
    And getting caught in the rain,
    And the feel of the ocean,
    And the taste of champagne,
    If you like making love at midnight,
    In the dunes on the cape,
    You’re the lady I’ve looked for,
    Come with me and escape.

  3. I’m off down to Morrison’s. Do you seriously want me to get some more Malibu?

  4. I’ll go for a locally grown cider. Low environmental impact don’t cha know.

    Clair on April 5, 2013
  5. I’m passionate about Local Politics, so I’ll propose again what I proposed to my local council, and was rejected.

    A travelator in all hilly parks, and eternal sunshine in all parks.

    Oh, and a Crème brûlée martini.

    Do any of the rooms in your cocktail bar have art installations, by any chance?

  6. We do have an art room, but it’s abstract modern art. To the untrained eye it would probably just look like a load of empty chairs.

  7. I could really do with something refreshing to get me in the weekend spirit. Gin and bitter lemon please.

  8. In honour of the terrible weather, I’ll have s Snowball please.

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