April 30, 2013

Uborka National Pizza Week Pizza

Karen calls this one the “Green & Blue” cos the toppings are green peppers and blue cheese. There’s mushroom on it too, but that’s grey so it has no overall effect upon the resultant colour spectrum. Please pardon the inferior picture quality – the camera on the Nexus 4 doesn’t perform very well indoors.

2013-04-29 19.46.53

Usually I don’t preheat the pizza stone for very long – about 15 minutes. For this one, I tried preheating it for half an hour, and I reduced the overall cooking time by 2 minutes. The result was a much crispier base. This is definitely going to be the new standard.

I asked her if, in honour of Uborka National Pizza Week, we could have pizza every single night. She said:



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