May 10, 2013

Bar’s Open

We have no theme for cocktails today. It’s a free-for-all. Not that we ever charge you anyway.


12 thoughts on “Bar’s Open

  1. I’m going to pretend the weather is better and have a Mint Julep please.

  2. Given my streak of bad luck so far today I’ll take a simple gin and tonic. In a non-breakable glass.

  3. Slightly overdid it last night. Swore blind that Darcy Bussell was actually Liv Tyler. Something soothing and restorative and non-alcoholic please..

    Lisa on May 10, 2013
  4. Something evilly alcoholic please, ideally involving absinthe, aquavit, and something else.

    I want it strong enough that two will render me comatose. Mind you, with a 500-mile round-trip today, I’m suspecting that won’t be much of a challenge.


  5. Following the downturn in the weather, I think mine’s a pint. Something rich and satisfying that evokes the memory of country pubs on a rainy afternoon.

  6. Just a small sherry, thank you. I’ve been overdoing it a bit.

  7. All the cherry trees are in bloom this week, so I’ll have a cherry blossom, but with bourbon, not brandy please.

    asta on May 10, 2013
  8. After a week that has depleted me in ways I’d rather not dwell upon, I’ll take a Jeeves’ Restorative, please. After that I shall be in fine enough fettle to join you all in a cocktail.

    So bring your bathing suit.

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