June 14, 2013

Bar’s Open

This weekend, we are going camping for the first time this year. Therefore, it will rain. Please place your drinks order and weather forecast here.


9 thoughts on “Bar’s Open

  1. I reckon the best thing to drink in a damp field is probably red wine, and plenty of it. Maybe with hot chocolate & rum on standby just in case.

    Susan on June 14, 2013
  2. As I’m off to Ikea tomorrow… how about a Swedish Mule? And if it’s going to rain, can I have a little umbrella in my drink?

  3. It is pouring here already with no let up forecast until well after the school run so I’ll have a del-boy style cocktail with a whacking great umbrella in, please. Like this.

    Lisa on June 14, 2013
  4. Since it will be sunny and hot and lovely, I’ll have a glass of white wine and an extra blanket.

  5. I’ll be in the garden catching up on all the chores this and last week’s rain scuppered.

    Tom Collins please.

  6. Mrs. Doctor Pockless’ birthday tomorrow, so I’ll have what she’s having. Unfortunately for me, that’s probably an orange juice.

  7. Last night a barmaid tried to talk me into having a beer brewed with tomato, parmesan and basil flavours – “Pizza Beer”.

    I refused, there not being a point on the scale from ‘Sober’ to ‘Waking up in Skegness’ that would entice me to have one in real life, but I’ll have a virtual one this morning.

    I predict eerie breezes and a rain of fish before dawn. Sardines.


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