June 21, 2013

Bar’s Open

Today is the happiest day of the year: scientific fact. Even though I have to work tomorrow, I’m feeling it. I have the day off, mostly for birthday party preparations. I’ve been to the physio and she promised I would run again soon and massaged my sore ankle and gave me lots of sympathy. I have an easy week next week. Pete is feeling better. It’s all good.

Spread the love: what’s making you happy today?


14 thoughts on “Bar’s Open

  1. I am going to Paris tonight! For the first time! For 11 days! I am very very excited!!!!!! And therefore overdoing on exclamation points. 🙂 What would be in a Parisian cocktail? It would have to be very fizzy. Champagne with little midsummer strawberries bobbing about in it and a crunchy macaron balanced on the rim.

  2. Everything. The fact that Doozer is trying to master the word ‘monster’, which is a lovely word. The fact that it’s friday. The fact that the future is a nice place to imagine and the present is a lovely place to be.

    I am not drinking at the moment in real life, and trying to be very strict about it. So I will have a whisky and soda please. Hold the whisky.

  3. I got told on Monday that I’m owed about £3,000 in back pay. It’s not the money that makes me happy just the sheer relief that all the stress and hassle of trying to prove it is now over! And anyway, tax and NI will take a fair portion!

    Frankly, gin does it for me. I’m getting back into tonic, though I used to be a gin and bitter lemon fiend!

  4. It’s midsummer and it is warm and sunny, what’s not to like? And I am making proper pizza for tea (if I have any flour). And I brought in roses from my garden. And this is my last solo weekend this month.
    Given that on your directions I just bought a bottle of extra dry martini (it doesn’t say vermouth on the label!) and some olives *and* off-piste a bottle of orange bitters, mine had better be a dry martini. Make sure you wash the ice and stir with a chopstick please.

    Lisa on June 21, 2013
  5. The PINK shoes of awesome are making me a tiny bit happy. Though little else is (grump grump grump).

    I’d like something fizzy and fruity and a time machine, please.

  6. I was up writing blog posts at 3am. Which I’ve not done for a while. So I’m in a super grump.

    Give me something hard and strong.

  7. I bought the new Neil Gaiman book today and plan to spend tomorrow listening to music, reading and organising yarn. That makes me happy.

    Perhaps a nice clear vodka and tonic to drink… Am currently a bit paranoid about spilling anything on my new rug.

    Clair on June 21, 2013
  8. Why does Adrian want a brick?

    I’m incredibly over-worked at the moment, but you tend not to resent that quite so much when you are self-employed. But I’m sloooowly losing weight; my wife is beautiful and clever and fun and my best friend; and my son made me a splendid “you are a star” thing for when I got home from being away for a week. Tomorrow I’m seeing my friend-of-31-years. The cats are both purring. And we have chocolate.

    All this makes me happy.

    So I will have a pint of cool, summery, hoppy, real ale, please. Something like Ballard’s Nyewood Gold would do the trick. Thank you.

  9. This has not been a good week. Not awful, but littered with mediocrity, unfinished tasks, thwarted plans and other sundry irritations.
    We are hosting a big party in two weeks and will be serving guests Mai Tais. We have to decide which version to make, so I think I’ll start now with the sampling. A Vic Bergeron original, please.

  10. The fact that the brutal, 1-2 punch of heat and humidity of the traditional New York summer hasn’t kicked in yet – we’re getting a run of very English style summer days (you know, the ones when it isn’t raining…or snowing) and that makes me happy.

    It’s Friday.

    Last night there was a rehearsal for a play I wrote with two brilliant actors, and I’m happy so much of it worked (but not all of it, but hey) and was funny and that it’s being performed on Monday!

    I will have a pint of cider, I think, and none of that ice-in-a-pint nonsense, neither. Thanks!

  11. Just saw Graybo’s comment.


    Also turns out then that Ubotka might be a hardware store.

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