June 4, 2013

Uborka’s Got Style: Make up advice for rosacea

Karen has asked me for foundation recommendations (specifically for skin affected by rosacea), and whether I would recommend using a brush or sponge to apply it.

Liz Earle are a great option for sensitive skin as they use minerals rather than chemicals. They produce a tinted moisturiser, liquid foundation and a powder foundation in a number of shades, but I suspect the liquid foundation would be your best option for good coverage. They also sell foundation brushes, which is a good way to apply foundation without getting your fingers on your sensitive face. Liz Earle have a page about rosacea on their website – sadly only with skincare and not make up advice though – and have very helpful advisers at their counters in John Lewis. If you can’t get to one, or the one near you doesn’t stock the full make up range, you can contact their team of advisers via telephone or email instead.

Another brand famous for catering to sensitive skin is Clinique. They sell a redness solutions cleanser, foundation and mineral powder. I’d recommend booking a free make up consultation at one of their counters as then you’ll get to try the products and see if they do indeed work on your skin before you part with your cash. I’ve also heard good things about Elemental Beauty’s mineral foundations. They have sample sizes on their website so you can try before you splash out, meaning you can check how it reacts to your skin as well as exploring their range of shades.

Personally, I use No7 Stay Perfect foundation and, when needed, Benefit’s Erase Paste (which is the concealer I described as being “like photoshop for your actual face”), although I don’t know if either product would be useful for your skin condition. Both were purchased after speaking to someone at the relevant counters in Boots, and trying the product out on my skin before committing to buy. I don’t yet have a foundation brush, but I should probably invest at some point as most experts seem to think this is the best application method. Hope that helps!

Lori Smith

3 thoughts on “Uborka’s Got Style: Make up advice for rosacea

  1. I forgot that I hadn’t responded to this yet! It’s so helpful to have another view on it. I’m quite a fan of Benefit products for cover-up, though they don’t soothe the rosacea when it’s raging. Mine is prone to flaring up in sunny weather, so you can imagine I’m enjoying it a lot at the moment.

  2. Hopefully you can get some soothing skincare tips while you’re at whichever make up counter you end up going for. Let me know how it goes x

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