July 14, 2013

A Shady Glade

If yesterday was the hottest day of the year, we were in the right place for it: the shadiest corner of a shady woodland campsite in Wiltshire.

2013-07-12 21.04.54We are unaccustomed to travelling so light; no extra layers, no blankets, no wellies; heck, we were so confident, we didn’t even take our raincoats. We are unaccustomed to sleeping without socks on, with the tent doors open. It was so warm and dry that frankly, we might as well have stayed at home and sat on the sofa.2013-07-12 21.04.31

Rocks East provides large fire trays and they sold us some logs, but a roaring fire somehow lacked excitement when we didn’t need to huddle around it. We toasted some marshmallows in a perfunctory fashion, took a long walk through the woods, and chilled out under the trees with the Pocklesses.

Let this weekend go down in history as the first time we have ever packed up the tent knowing we would not have to unpack it to dry it out, as soon as we got home.


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