July 15, 2013

Bar Staff Wanted

It’s the last week of term. Bernard is showing all the symptoms of a small boy who is ready for a holiday, and this is going to be a good one. Plans include a daytrip to London to see St Pauls Cathedral, which he has been learning about (and hopefully lunch with Pixeldiva and Auntie Bry); a few days in Derbyshire with Granny and the Pocklesses, including beers (not for him, obv) with Mike & K; and a LONG trip to France.

But this means the bar will be unstaffed, and no cocktails will be served unless someone else kindly offers to do it. We give out logins like free cereal bars at Waterloo, so don’t be shy, you won’t be turned down. Especially if you volunteer for one of the following dates:

26th July

16th August

23rd August

30th August.

In addition, we will either be on hiatus from the 15th to the end of August, or will open up Uborka to guests, just like the free-for-alls we had in the olden days. What would you prefer?


10 thoughts on “Bar Staff Wanted

  1. Wait… I’m not allowed to drink in Derbyshire? … you’ve been giving away logins at Waterloo? I’m confused.

  2. I can see how it looks like I said the beers were not for you. I can only apologise. Here, have a cereal bar.

  3. I ate a lifetime’s worth of cereal bars during the birth of Pockless Jr. I never want to eat one again.

  4. I can cover either,or both dates in July, but not August because I will be away then.

    Please be advised that if you hire me for this position the clientele is liable to think me feckless when in fact I am just time zone-lagged.

  5. I can do most of those currently, if anyone falls through.

    And I think I’ve already volunteered for some Holiday Cover via Ubotka…

  6. Yep, Lyle, you’re chief administrator, and now head waiter too, with Asta taking care of 26th July.

  7. Lyle might appreciate a hand during August. Asta is in charge next week. Thank you!

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