July 26, 2013

Bar’s Open

Hello, my name is asta, and I’ll be your server today. How y’all doin?  Can I tell you about the specials? *quickly ducks as Lyle fires empty pint glass with skill and experience*


From the top.

We’re almost at the mid-way point of summer if you still measure it as I always have– those precious weeks between the end of school in late June and the start of school in early September. What’s been  your highlight so far?


10 thoughts on “Bar’s Open

  1. I’ll tell you what’s not the highlight: creeping up the M1 without aircon listening to Johnny Morris reading the Just So Stories. I’ll have a bloody mary with horseradish and Pete has, after thinking long and hard, asked for a pint.

  2. The highlight of my summer so far has been sitting in a quiet sunny pub on a Saturday afternoon, making bunting for a friend’s wedding. We all brought fabric and old clothes to cut up (much of which had interesting back stories), and spent a few hours cutting, sewing, embellishing and making new friends.

    I was driving that day, so was just drinking Fentiman’s mixers. Today, I’d like to add some booze. Can I have Hendrick’s gin with Fentiman’s rose lemonade please? Not tried it yet, but I think it would work 🙂

  3. The thunderstorm we had on Monday night was pretty awesome. More of those please! I am drinking a lot of elderflower presse at the moment and avoiding alcohol for various reasons. One of those please, with strawberries floating in it.

  4. Highlight … I’m not sure. It’s been a odd summer.

    Can I have a pint glass of ice.

    and a fruity cider.

  5. Summer highlight for me was it being cool enough last night for me to sleep in my own bed again. Yes I’m feeling grumpy, sunshine I like but heat is more troubling.

    In that vein can I please have a bucket of G&T sorbet.

  6. It has been a summer of highlights, I’m happy to say. Let’s go with: eating the best English cooked breakfast that either of us has ever tasted, al fresco in Clerkenwell, a couple of weeks ago. (You don’t have to be a hotel guest to enjoy it, either: link is here.)

    Bloody Mary please – it’s one of only two breakfast-friendly cocktails that I know of, and I’m not in a Bucks Fizz mood.

  7. Ohhhh almost missed last orders!

    Off to a burlesque show tonight so a classic Martini I think 🙂

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