September 12, 2014

Indian Summer

There’s a mellow stillness in Jardin Uborka this evening, broken only by the lazy chatter of our guests who are mainly rocking in hammocks or reclining on steamer chairs. Ubotka has had caterpillar treads fitted to hus wheels to enable … Continue reading

June 2, 2014

Salad Days

How do you people feel about eating healthy food? I thought it might be helpful to share salad suggestions. Last week we were on holiday with my mum, who still insists that salad = lettuce (the greenest sort), tomato and … Continue reading

July 26, 2013

Chilln’ At the Bar

Karen and Pete have foolishly  generously allowed me to fill in as your host this week. It’s heartwarming to see so many regulars. Sorry I mentioned the heat, Clair, here’s your G&T Sorbet, and it’s such a pretty drink so Lori’s going … Continue reading


Bar’s Open

Hello, my name is asta, and I’ll be your server today. How y’all doin?  Can I tell you about the specials? *quickly ducks as Lyle fires empty pint glass with skill and experience* Right. From the top. We’re almost at … Continue reading