July 10, 2013

Uborka Running Club

I’m still not running. In this heat I’m not sure I’d be able to anyway. The ankle hurts, physio is ongoing. Soon it will be summer holidays, and running opportunities will be limited. My first anniversary of being a runner is in September, and I’ve spent more time injured than running in the year so far.

Cheer me up! What motivates you to run, generally? How do you get motivated on a daily basis? And when you hit that point of a run when you just don’t want to go any further, how do you make yourself keep going?


8 thoughts on “Uborka Running Club

  1. I’ve not run since I last commented here.

    The weather was shit, and I lost the will. Now the weather is good and I have terrible hayfever.

    Plus all the house hunting is sucking up my time.

    As for motivation, I find just doing it regularly helps. The minute I give up (like above) it’s a disaster, and twice as hard to get back into it.

  2. I ran on Sunday! First time since mid May. Walked 5/ran20/walked 5. It felt good – it was hot but that didnt matter and I probably enjoyed it more than any run ever.
    Legs have been bloody sore since. I had the opportunity to go again on Tuesday but needed a rest day. I am thinking of going Friday.
    Agree re needing a proper routine, it’s Thursday therefore I run sort of thing. I’m not very good at keeping going: when it hurts, I stop. I do not have that champion mentality, I’m afraid. Which is possibly why my c25k is now over 18 months.

    Lisa on July 10, 2013
  3. I’m up to running 28mins now. Slow and steady. Have taken a few days off due to a painful foot, but it’s less than two weeks til the big race now and that is still what is motivating me. It will be interesting to see how I keep going afterwards. I’ll probably need you guys to keep me going then.

    Clair on July 10, 2013
  4. I think you probably have to be cussed to be a runner. It’s very rare for me to actually enjoy a run, and it can be a struggle just to get out of the door, especially with the weather we generally have in the UK. I do it because I’m stubborn and stupid and because I enjoy the feeling of having done it. I’m fairly sure a saner person than me would sack it off and stay in bed! How do I push through a difficult patch? A good playlist is key. It’s funny what songs will give you a lift on any particular day. I quite often just focus on getting to the next song, and then you’re another 5 minutes down the road. I have nothing by respect for any other runner…. It’s hard and it doesn’t really get easier, you just get better!

    Swisslet on July 11, 2013
  5. I went running on Sunday at about 1pm before the tennis started. It was murderously hot and I accidentally ended up on the running route of an iron man triathlon. I was doing 4 miles, and they were cruising past me, ten miles into a marathon, having already swum 2 miles and cycled 100 miles. Crazy, crazy people!

    Swisslet on July 11, 2013
  6. Done a 5k run. Except I didn’t actually run much.

    57m02s. 18 minutes of actual running. Very slowly. But I did it.

  7. So hugely impressed with Pix’s run. Woohoo for Uborka runners!

    Clair on July 11, 2013

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