August 9, 2013

Bar’s Open

Have you all had a difficult week? Poor dears. What can I get you?


14 thoughts on “Bar’s Open

  1. The themes running through my week have included:
    – being skint
    – the absence of dustmen in my life
    – not having enough time
    – huge quantities of cherries

    The first three are generally crap, but the fourth one is quite good. So I’d like a cocktail with a cherry in it please. I can provide my own. A cherry caipirinha would be perfect, please and thank you.

  2. It’s been a rather dull, tetchy week, so I’ll cheer things up with a Sparkly Cosmo please. (It’s much like a regular Cosmo, but with champagne.)

  3. As I seem to have been getting caught in the rain a lot this week, how about a pina colada?

  4. I still haven’t found a job and now I’ve run out of GoT episodes to watch. I don’t know why that makes me want a Whisky Mac, but it does.

  5. Me and my busted ankle are going to hop over to the Bot and request something cocktail-like that doesn’t actually contain any alcohol (cf. stupid medications, six months no boozin’). Maybe something refreshing, with mint and strawberries and bubbles. With a silly bendy straw. And a chair, please, before I fall again. All this hopping is exhausting.

  6. I will join Krissa over at Wobbles Corner.
    The Knee, which had been mostly behaving itself until last week, has decided that it is no longer interested in walking for more than five minutes and will not co-operate at all in that tricky Hokey Pokey move called ” One Step Back”.

    We are going to New York in two weeks, where walking is de rigueur.

    I’ll have a vodka tonic. Large. Or you could just hand me the bottle.

    asta on August 9, 2013
  7. Mine’s a beer too. I enjoyed a glass of Ruddles County earlier in the week, so another of them would be nice.

    another mike: can’t believe you’ve watched all those episodes already. Impressive.

  8. It has been a bit of a pooey week. I’ll take a Ruin Ten IPA, please.

    And a weekend that feels much longer than it is.

  9. Week’s been okay – must find something to complain about… um…errr… oh yes, my body still aten’t healed fully so I are been spending a lot of time planning a Year Of Crazy for next year. So, with that in mind, I’d like an Ironman please.

  10. The week has left me with a fucking headache. I’ll have a Co(codamol)smopolitan please.

  11. I’ll have the house special. on the house please.

    Because that’s the only house I have right now.

    #stillwaitingforthephonetoringwithnews #3daysnow

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