August 13, 2013

Gone Fishing

Casa Uborka is closed down, the shutters are shut, the alarm clocks are unplugged, the cat has been left in charge.

Get baking, keep running, and we’ll see you in September.


12 thoughts on “Gone Fishing

  1. I believe you have the wrong day, Doctor. We’ll have drinks tomorrow, but they’ll be freelance.

  2. I mean…I know you guys SAID the cat was in charge…but I dunno.

    I haven’t seen a cat. It’s just been me and the beer.

  3. Yes … hello? *knocks politely*

    I’ve come to collect a husband. Mine, hopefully. I was told he’d gone feral and was staging a mutiny against a house pet over the remaining beer.

    Ah, yes, here he is, building a TARDIS out of a few sausages, some knitting and that bit of gardening hose. Come along, darling. I’ve got a brand new TARDIS waiting for you at home, I promise.

  4. They’re not BLUE sausages what is this, it’s clearly a wardrobe. Current theory is the cat is in Narnia, because I’ve looked everywhere else, and it makes sense that a cat who got put in charge over me must be some sort of a magic cat, am I right? He’s probably nipped home to pick up some post or cancel the milk or something and the time skewyness means he’s been gone from here for ages and I need to mutiny so I’m going in after him.

    Anyway, the first wardrobe didn’t work so I’m making another one. Sausages were all I had. Or beer cans. But you have to recycle those.

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