September 13, 2013

Bar’s Open

This weekend is NCT’s annual conference, at which I am running a very dull workshop. So the bar this weekend is in a conference centre, and you can all choose what sort of conference you are at.


8 thoughts on “Bar’s Open

  1. I’m currently drawing a comic about two daschunds falling in love. This probably makes me an expert in the field, and I’ll probably be invited to be a keynote speaker at Daschund Love Comic 2014 (DaLoCom). Mine’s a pint.

  2. I’ll be at the new house moving panic conference (NeHoMoPa) . Because well you know ….

    Mine’s a empty glass, since tonight is Yom Kippur and even a virtual drink would be wrong.

  3. I would definitely far rather be at a knitting conference than at work. Knitters are good company and we’d probably all be in the bar between sessions, stitching and chatting and drinking. A good glass of red wine for me, but maybe in a stable tumbler rather than a wine glass so I don’t knock it over my knitting, or anyone else’s.

  4. Sevitz, I think in light of moving etc., you should be allowed at least one major drink pre-Yom Kippur, to be honest.

    For myself, I’m in a conference of depressed developers, although I appear to be an audience of 1 right now. I think I’m definitely working for Son of CrapCo. Oh dear.

    So – a pint of vodka and coke, please. Followed by a couple more, for luck.


  5. Happy Gordon is at this years National Happy and Don’t Care Who Knows It Conference (hashtag: #NHADCWKIC).

    I will have a pint of sunshine and kittens please. Failing that a tequila sunrise or four should suffice.

    (please do not harm any kittens though!)

  6. I dealt with a 4am wasp nest-based crisis in our kitchen and conservatory, which disturbed my repose, somewhat. Therefore, today I am at a Pest Control Conference (PestConCon) and I would like a Wasp. Or maybe even a whole swarm of them.

    Please and thank you.

  7. I haven’t had to attend a conference in almost five years. This makes me very happy. I am at the Non-Conference Conference.
    I will have a glass of champagne, thank you.

  8. I’d like about 200 more hours in the next day or so, please. Too much to do. Something caffeineated please. And lots of it.

    Conferences? No time for conferences!

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