September 20, 2013

Bar’s Open

Harking back to Monday, I’ve been driving around all week longing wistfully for a hovercar, and wondering how we would manage not to crash into each other. Today’s cocktail theme is future transport, in whatever way you will.


7 thoughts on “Bar’s Open

  1. Are you planning to leave the village Mike?

    I’m going to plump for a tried and tested Gin & Tonic, as the first time I ever had one was on a plane from Dubai back to London.

  2. I could go for the old transport (in a tenuous way) with a Kamikaze (Vodka, Cointreau, Lime, and topped off with Smirnoff Ice instead of Lemonade) because in a futuristic sense, it’s like rocket fuel.

    One bucket thereof, please. And shortly after, I’ll be somewhere in orbit.

  3. If Uborkabot can find an old bottle of creme de violette somewhere in the back of the cupboard, I’ll have an Aviation, thanks, since I will need wings to get around next week for Pop Montreal.

  4. You should never drink and drive, else you’ll spill your drink.
    So I’ll stay in the futuristic back seat with a Back Seat Boogie (don’t you just love Google?) recipe here. Of course, if driverless cars become the thing, then I guess we can all drink and let Google take us home.

  5. Since I can’t drink in the real world, I’m going on a bender in the virtual, futuristic one. One bottle of Veuve Cliquot Ponsardin 2074 Reserve Brut, please (I hear it was a marvelous year). With a bendy straw. And a hologram of Dorothy Parker to keep me company.

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