September 25, 2013

Breaking Bad Finale Predictions

Last night after watching the penultimate episode, I had troubled dreams in which Walt heads back to Albuquerque armed to the teeth, alerting the TV news stations on his way. All guns blazing, he despatches Jack and his crew in a bloody battle; and in the mess and chaos, Jesse again escapes his cage, only to encounter Walt face to face in a final shoot out. Walt has time to confess to the cameras in order to set Skylar free, and then Jesse kills him. He dies.

Is this somewhat how you are expecting it to be?


6 thoughts on “Breaking Bad Finale Predictions

  1. I expect it all to be a fever dream of Boris Johnson of life in a country without subsidised health care.

  2. Or alternatively Walt’s fever dream, as he waits for the original diagnosis. He’s imagined the entire thing, just extrapolating point to point as he figures out what he’ll do if the diagnosis is as bad as he suspects.

    The final shot will be the doctor coming through, saying “Mr White? You’re OK, it’s just a cyst, completely clear, you’ll be fine”

  3. I can’t see how it can possibly end without some sort of major gun battle and it would be disappointing if the Jessie/ Walt situation isn’t resolved (generally in Breaking Bad that means somebody dying).

    Maybe it’ll end with Skyler shooting Walt.

    I think a happy ending is looking unlikely.

    Ms Gammidgy on September 25, 2013
  4. I heard the “it’s all a dream” theory on Radio 4 earlier in the week. Actually that would be so very funny.

  5. I hadn’t seen or heard any other ending plans/concepts, but yeah, it would be funny, if a bit of a cop-out

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