October 18, 2013

Bar’s Open

I feel I have grown up with a reputation for not sticking at things (Brownies, playing the piano, being married), which is one of the reasons why I am so pleased with my running progress so far, and also part of the rationalisation for rewarding myself with a tattoo: something that will stay. I’m getting a new one later today; meanwhile, with your drink order today, please share what tattoo you would get (or would like to get next, if you’re already the colourful type). And, if you like, what you’ve got already.


16 thoughts on “Bar’s Open

  1. I already have your name tattooed across my heart (awwwww).

    For drinking, I’m in the mood for beer. I had a bottle of Hobgoblin last night that went down well, so another of those please.

  2. My resolve to remain tattoo-free remains as unshakeable as ever, so I would like a smooth pink Cosmopolitan please.

  3. I’m also resolutely resolved (because there is no other sort of resolution) against ever having a tattoo.

    I would like a strong gin and tonic, please.

    In a plain glass, without any decoration or embellishment, please and thank you.

  4. My next tattoo session will be the final hour of 20 to finish off my Japanese themed half-sleeve.

    After that I’m toying with a few ideas but nothing concrete yet. Still not quite sure what it is I love about tattoos, the art, the fact it’s permanent, I’m not sure, but they are addictive it seems!

    Drink wise I’ll have enough gin to make the pain stop please 😉

  5. I have just left the Hangover Suite after seeing Absinthe. It is 3:30 am here I’all have melon ball because. Fuckef if I know wjy oooo Vegas baby. G’night xx

  6. My next one will be a tribal-style phoenix, wrapping round the existing American Indian thunderbird, both signifying change (and of getting through those changes)

    I just need to find a decent place to get it done. (i.e. studio, not bodily location)

    In light of that, a pint (or two) of this Thunderbird cocktail (thankfully not involving use of the Thunderbird fortified rocket fuel wine) would be grand. Pretty, pretty please.

  7. I am sad and hormonal and would like a very large and chocolatey hot chocolate with Baileys in it. Because I am a cliche.
    I don’t think I’ll ever get a tattoo, but it would be cool to have wings tattooed onto my shoulder blades.

  8. I have no urge to tattoo either but in tribute to the Edinburgh one (geddit? Ha ha ha) and because it is once again peeing with rain and I once again didn’t get enough sleep, I’ll have a lovely smokey peaty single malt please. Splash of water, nice plain glass.

  9. No, sorry. My industry is full of hat wearing, big spectacled halfwits whose arms, legs, and quite possibly their concealed bits also, resemble a school desk, so riddled are they with permanent etchings. I think it’s a reaction against the impermanence of the designs they create for the Internet. In time they’ll see there’s a certain grace in that.

    Good luck, though.

    Mine’s a pint.

  10. I have my heart set on two tattoos. A recycling symbol on my wrist and a wing’ed snail design on my ankle (that could potentially be built up to a larger piece later). I just need someone come and hold my hand while I get it done and make sure I don’t ask for the wrong thing. Am shy.

    To drink: mulled cider please, it’s getting cold outside!

    Clair on October 18, 2013
  11. I’ve been thinking about getting another tattoo for years now, but still haven’t decided what or where.

    I’d like a pint of baileys please. Over ice.

  12. LOLpints may be the tastiest, Pockless, but as it’s on Mike, the additional taste may just be Diva Bits.

  13. In the spirit of the hair of the dog, a gin and tonic, with whatever hangover cures you can imagine will fit.

    I’ve never really considered getting a tatoo, it always seemed a bit forever. However, if I could get a long-lasting temporary one, I’d get a hand-drawn maze thing under where my watch sits.

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