November 1, 2013

Bar’s Open – Early


I’m Lyle, and today I’m the stand-in barman. I think Karen and Pete were just frightened of what might be suggested today drinks-wise, so they ran away and left it to me.

So. The theme today is fear / phobias / Hallowe’en.

Be afraid, for I will be drinking pints of Zombie cocktails through the day, so the drinks servage may be somewhat wobbly.

Get ’em in, folks.


9 thoughts on “Bar’s Open – Early

  1. That’s the benefit of virtual bars, you can be in a completely different city to when you last frequented and yet still find your familiar old haunt…

    To fit in with the theme, I’ll see who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf cocktail (though having read through the ingredients, after just googling to see if such a thing existed, and spotted the raw egg yolk, I suspect the person who’s afraid of it could be me…

  2. I’ll have a virgin piƱa colada because pineapples look scary and I’m off booze for November!

  3. My current workload scares me. A large gin and tonic, please and thank you, kind stand-in barkeep.

  4. Zombie earworm installed, thanks Lyle. Pete & I were out on Wednesday, and had a cocktail the name if which I forget, that tasted like mojos. It was lime, kahlua and sambuca, and surprisingly good. I’ll have one of those.

  5. Since I’ve just rolled out of bed, Ill have a gallon of coffee with a zombie chaser.

  6. Yes, that sort of zombie.
    Last night I kept my witch outfit on when I went out to an antenatal class (it’s only a gothy dress and stripey socks). My class was in a church, where they were holding their anti-Halloween party. Had to keep my coat on until they had all gone.

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