December 24, 2013


Well, there it is then. Yulevent, all done and dusted. I’ve enjoyed reading the various contributions, some people writing about their particular modus Christmerandi, others writing about particular events that have influenced how they experience the season, and others picking a particular seasonal topic and really going with it.

This year, it’s going to be a fairly brief Christmas for me. Two days, then back to the office. Some family members are coming to visit, and there will be good food and such like, but they aren’t hanging around for very long. Especially not my dad, who is just dropping in for the day on his way back from his holiday. This is an abnormal arrangement, for me. Usually our Christmas involves driving round, dropping in on various parents. It’s often a long and arduous expedition, and I can’t help feeling that this year’s arrangements go to the other extreme entirely.

That said, Christmas this year hasn’t been entirely without a warmup period. There’s been the Yulevent, of course. Also, back in November we got into the Xmas spirit early by watching Elf (2003). I have to admit, I enjoyed it much more than should probably be allowed. Bernard too – he gave it the thumbs up in his usual way, which is to watch it another 3 times in the following 7 days. Every time someone came to the door he’d invite them in to watch Elf.

Vegetables are purchased. A playlist has been compiled on the computer, so music is lined up. Turkey is present and accounted for. And I’ve done lots of Christmassy things – seasonal events, school concert, weekend present-buying sprees and an afternoon round at the neighbour’s house with cocktail sausages and red wine. But it’s all fleeting, the feeling of Christmassitude that these things invoke is only temporary. This evening, however, everything will surely blast into action. The tree will go up, lights will be strewn around, guests will appear, and the pile of wrapped presents that currently exists in the cool of the garage will be brought out into plain view.

Compare and contrast to Bernard. I know, from my own childhood, that December at school will have been saturated with anticipation of Christmas. He’s been intoxicated on Christmas spirit for weeks, and right now he’s giddy with excitement, 80% of which is probably thinking about all the fantastic presents that he’s going to get. He’s aching for the 25th because he’s got all this pent-up tension that he doesn’t know what to do with. Christmas is here guys, where’s my presents? Meanwhile, his dad (that’s me) is on the edge of his seat because he’s not into that mindset yet, but he knows it’s coming. December is here guys, where’s my Christmas?

Thanks again to everyone who has contributed to the Yulevent, you have all made it very special.


2 thoughts on “Anticipation

  1. Your Christmas will be waiting for you right here, the moment you get home, sweetheart.

  2. Bernard has excellent taste in movies. I’ve only managed to convince Andy to watch Elf twice so far! 😉

    Merry Christmas! 🙂

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