December 13, 2013

Bar’s Open

Last week we had FIRE. So this week, obviously, we’ll have water. Eau minerale all round, or would you like something more creative?


9 thoughts on “Bar’s Open

  1. I’ll just go for a large glass of Brazilian Aguardiente, please. The name translates literally as FireWater – although I always liked the bastardized “Water with teeth”.

    If you want to make Caparinhas with it that’s fine with me, but if it’s the dark Cachaca stuff, I’ll be happy with it raw.


  2. Hmm. Sex On A Beach was the first watery cocktail that came to mind. Funny name for a cocktail – always conjures up notions of sand in places you really don’t want sand.

    So, I’ll have a gin and tonic. From a distance, it looks like water. And hold the sand.

  3. Dreadful wordplay aside, here’s some authentic etymology for you. “Vodka” is a diminutive of the Slavic word for water (voda), and should probably be translated as watery-woo, or watsy-poops or something. For all its flexibility, English is pretty poor when it comes to diminutives. Probably something to do with our reticence in showing affection.

    Shots of watery-woo all round.

  4. I was going to suggest an “ocean breeze”, but I’ve seen a few different recipes for it and they all look vile. How about eau de vie instead?

  5. Watery drinks? Purple rain is a cocktail, right? Whatever is in it, that’ll do me.

    My work colleagues are just about leave me in the office to head off to their xmas do, and Ms Gammidgy is abandoning me again this weekend to go and play dressing up. So I’ll just stay in on my own and blog curmudgeonly. Bottoms up.

  6. Water? Bollocks to that, I’ll have a brandy. It’s been quite a week.
    (As an aside, drinkers, has anybody else struggled to find winter pimms this year?)

  7. According to this site
    “Water makes up 60 percent of most every spirit, 100 percent of every ice cube, and the vast majority of every syrup, juice and soda”

    So I’ll have what I’m serving at tomorrow’s party. I’m calling it Rudolf’s Nose.
    tart cherry juice
    raspberry vodka
    sugared cranberries for garnish

  8. From the sound of it, Pix could do with something large and gin-based (so long as she’s not allergic to gin/tonic/quinine, of course)

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